Today’s Reading 1 Samuel 16/ 1 Chronicles 5

1 Chronicles 5:20b [ESV] …for they cried out to God in the battle, and he granted their urgent plea because they trusted in him.

In the battle, they cried out to God.
What did they cry?
Help us?
Save us?
Protect us?
Keep us?
Strength us?
Was it a battle cry like something out of Brave-heart, or Spartan!
Were they shouting “Jehovah!”
Were they shouting, Glory to our God Almighty!
What were they cry?

I’ve got my share of battles, why don’t I cry out to God?
Perhaps I don’t trust Him.

You know my battles better than I do.
I’m guessing you are dismayed when I don’t call to you for help.
Holy Spirit,
What is it?A faith issue? A pride issue? Something I don’t see?
I’m thinking I need to bring urgent pleas to your attention?
I’m thinking I need to quit running from some battles.
I need to get to Cry Out! And honesty that is kind of scary.


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