DAY # 5 – 90 DAY FAST

Today’s Devotional Reading is Matthew 6:5-18


When reading today’s devotional I really had to check my heart. Matthew 6:6 [NLT] says; “But when you pray, go away by yourself, shut the door behind you, and pray to your Father in private. Then your Father, who sees everything, will reward you.”

So I had to ask myself, do I need to quit writing about my experience of fasting?

“Heart of hearts, are you showing off?”

Is this arrogant, prideful, self-serving?


And the answer is… yeah, probably a little. I mean I write to be read, and it is rewarding when people read what I wrote. So, yeah, it probably is a little prideful. Self-serving? Only in that by blogging about my “fasting” experience it forces me to “stick-to-it”. Arrogant, no at all, humbling would be a better word.

I want to share my experience with an honesty that shows my humanity and speaks of God’s grace in spite of it.

I want the experience to draw me closer to God, and I share it to help others grow closer to.

My “Reward” will be having others say, “I should give fasting a try.”

Many of them will do it “in private” – reward them God!



With each new day, check my heart – I trust you more than I trust myself. May this experience be a whole lot more about you, then it is about me. Draw me close, allow me to share so that others will be drawn closer to. Give me the courage to be honest and the ability to be humble.

Note: to those actually paying attention to the details. I wrote several days ago that I was planning on adding the “Daniel Fast” to my 90 DAY FAST, on Monday, tomorrow. After looking at the calendar I’ve decided to put off the Daniel Fast until Friday, Dec. 2nd. By starting on the 2nd and going for 21 days – I finish the Daniel Fast right before Christmas. WHAT A GIFT, COFFEE AND MEAT will be!!!!!!! Stay tuned!



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One Response to DAY # 5 – 90 DAY FAST

  1. Tanja Fridolfs says:

    Thanks for sharing Joe.


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