DAY 29 – 90 DAY FAST

DAY #29 – 90 DAY FAST [DAY #20 of 21 DAY DANIEL FAST]

So just a reminder, been a while since I’ve blogged or journaled. It happens!

I’m on a 90 day fast which is a protein drink in the morning, a protein bar for lunch, and one meal. I’m also doing a 21 day Daniel Fast, which ends tomorrow. The difference is while doing the Daniel Fast I’m restricting what I eat for that one meal. Also I’ve given up coffee, caffeine, and cookies. OK, I’ve tried to give up coffee, caffeine and cookies.



#1: DON’T FAST ALONE! Do it with someone else, or with a group of people. Seek the accountability and the encouragement. Be an encourager!


Several times in the past 12 days since I wrote about fasting, I’ve failed. I think part of it is that I’ve been doing the fast alone. You really need someone to encourage you and someone that you can encourage. “We can do this” is a lot easier than “I can do this.”


So what happened? CHRISTMAS HAPPENED! I’ll never attempt a long fast between Thanksgiving and Christmas ever again. Maybe a 7 day fast, or a 3 day fast, or a “dawn to dusk” fast; but never a 21 DAY DANIEL FAST – there just isn’t enough martyr in me. I like blaming it on my wife, once she started baking Christmas cookies – it was over, then there was the Christmas parties, then while visiting with people, [which I get paid to do] – there was of course “Christmas cheer” – often involving sweets.

But here is the encouragement I’d like to leave you, don’t quit once you’ve failed.

I’m still fasting, still praying, still seek the God that sought us first; a God of grace, love and mercy.




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