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Welcome to the first day of our annual 21-day fast. There seems to be more spiritual excitement and expectation than ever before regarding this year’s fast. As we start, I want to proclaim that 2012 will be a great year…expect miracles. Life has a way of lowering our expectations, but fasting re-ignites God’s dream in our hearts.

As I was reading God’s Word the Holy Spirit spoke something extremely clear and powerful to my heart. This will be a year that many people “Step out of the Stuff”.

1 Samuel 10 tells the story of Saul being anointed as king. Now, I know Saul is typically viewed as an infamous character but there are some things we can learn from his early years. He went through all of the private process with Samuel of being anointed king. However, when it came time for him to be proclaimed king publically he could not be found.

Therefore they enquired of the LORD further…

And the LORD answered, Behold he hath hid himself among the stuff.

1 Samuel 10:22

When it was Saul’s opportunity he was behind stuff! I believe that this will be a year that you and your family come out of the stuff. Maybe every year you make fresh resolutions only to find yourself right back in the same habits or situations. Well this year, you are coming out of that stuff. Maybe great insecurity has plagued you from stepping into your purpose. Maybe the failures of 2011 have you paralyzed on the sideline afraid to jump back in the fight. Is it sin that has a grip on your life? Over the next 21-days every meal of fasting is another step out of stuff.

From the greatest to the least of us, we all have some type of stuff that is attempting to hold us back. Whether it is a lack of resources, education or the enemy, be determined to step out of it.

As you step out of the stuff there will be 3 groups of people you lead and impact:

Those who have rejected the Lord. The Master wants to use you to reclaim backsliders and reach the lost like never before. (1 Samuel 10:19)

Those who are less mature spiritually. Notice Saul was not “taller” than everyone else until he stood up from hiding in the stuff. When you stop hiding you will realize that you are “taller” than you think. (1 Samuel 10:23)

Leading people you have no business leading. Saul goes from cowardice to leading valiant men. You would think he was unqualified to lead these type of men, but the moment he stepped out of the stuff he was able to lead.

Pray for someone smarter, better and more talented to come to your business, ministry or life this year. Step out of the stuff of feeling threatened and lead them with excellence. (1 Samuel 10:26)

The biggest thing I feel in my heart that people need to step out of during this fast is EXCUSES! Lay down your excuses of why you can’t do what God is telling you to do. Let Him use you this year. Jesus is praying, hell is shaking and the world is waiting for you to “Step out of the Stuff” and expect miracles this year.

Lord we commit this year to you through fasting and prayer these 3 weeks. Thank you for your strength when we are weak and the power of the Holy Spirit to sustain us. Thank you Lord for breaking every limitation and barrier holding us back. Enlarge our territory as we seek Your Face in Jesus Name!


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