40 DITW [Days in the Word] Day # 2


Philippians 1:27a [NIV] Whatever happens, conduct yourself in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.

Read the entire verse several times, stopping after each word to write down your thoughts.

 WHATEVER – anything and everything – no matter what happens

 HAPPENS – takes place – occur: be experienced by (someone)

 CONDUCT – act, behave, lead – organize and carry out:

 YOURSELF – me – [ emphatic ] you personally

 IN A MANNER – certain action, correct behavior – a person’s outward bearing or way of behaving toward others

 WORTHY OF – high value – deserving effort, attention, or respect

 THE GOSPEL – Good News – the teaching or revelation of Christ

 OF CHRIST – Son of God, Jesus, Messiah – the title, also treated as a name, given to Jesus of Nazareth

 Rewrite the verse using the definitions of the words:

Phil. 1:27a No matter what occurs, I personally with organize my thoughts and carry out my actions towards others with respect for the teachings of the Son of God, Messiah, Jesus!

 Paraphrase the verse:

Anything and everything that comes my way, I’ll react with a correct attitude and behavior, reflecting the teachings of our Messiah.


How does this verse apply to your life and what will you do about it?

Whatever comes my way I need to react to it in a way that brings honor and glory to my Savior. I need to learn to stop and think about what Jesus would do, and act or react accordingly.


Lord Jesus,

Only you know what will come my way today, help me by the power of the Holy Spirit to handle it like you would; brings honor and glory to our Father.




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