40 DITW [Days in the Word] Day # 30

                                                       40 DITW – DAY # 30

PERSONALIZE IT! PRAY IT!  Philippians 1:27a [NIV] Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in manner worth of the gospel of Christ.

Insert your name in place of the nouns or pronoun and rewrite the verse as though God were saying it directly to you.

Whatever happens, Joe’s conduct will be in a manner worth of the gospel of Christ

APPLY IT! How does this passage apply to your life and what will you do about it?

Personal: “Whatever happens” – seriously whatever happens? This is so open ended! – the Holy Spirit brought to my attention a “besetting” sin – [besetting – church talk for a stupid sin you find yourself doing without even giving it a thought] – so when I find myself either tempted or actually committing this sin – am I going to conduct myself in a manner worth of the gospel?

Practical: When tempted – don’t / if doing it without thinking – stop

Possible: Stop or reduce the number of times I commit this sin in a week’s time.

Provable: Last week I committed the sin, 5 0ut 7 days, this week I’m committed to not committing this particular sin at all.

PRAY IT!  Pray Philippians 1:27a back to God.


WHATEVER HAPPENS – when I’m tempted to commit the particular sin that the Holy Spirit has laid on my heart – I AM going to conduct myself in a manner worth of the gospel of my precious Lord and Savior – through the power of Him who is in me – Jesus, my Jesus!   


ILI’s 8th Core Value:Integrity- God looks for men and women of integrity who live holy lives that are accountable to God and to the Body of Christ.  Integrity glorifies God, protects leaders from stumbling, and encourages growth.

Integrity – Honest, Humble, Honorable – Live it!









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