Today was Day # 3 of my new fitness program and I’ve decided to blog about it because when I’m out walking / jogging – my mind seems to go a thousand places and I’ll like to share a few of those thoughts with whoever is willing to listen [read]!

You remember the movie, DEAD MAN WALKING, when I’m out walking I like to think of it right now as FAT MAN JOGGING. I don’t want to say that I’m really slow but I walked by a yard sale today and someone yelled, “Hey, those running shoes for sale, don’t look like your using them!”

I can’t say that there was any particular reason I’ve decided to start exercising again except that I just had this longing to get of the bench. I pulled a calf muscle back in April and really haven’t done anything but gain weight since.  It’s just time.

It’s very humbling to start over. I walk around town in very tight polo shirt, shorts and brand new running shoes and really look like someone that thinks it’s January 1 and ought to be doing something. The second day out I had friends pass by that just assumed my car was broke and I was walking home. Afraid to stop and ask if I need a ride because just maybe he’s exercising, I was left alone.

When I’m walking sometimes I think I’d like to wear a placard that says, “I’ve ran 8 marathons!” But that was yesterday and yesterday is gone.

True be told I don’t know how long I’ll be able to continue my new “program”. All I know is I got out and walked today.

One of my passing thoughts while off the bench was that my physical shape pretty well parallels my spiritual shape. I’ve been on the bench there too! Living on the accomplishments of yesterdays.

I didn’t get the sense that God wants be to read my Bible more, or start memorizing verses. I don’t even think He is really worried about me sinning less. I just felt like He’d like us to hang around with each other more.

So, for what’s worth, I’m not walking alone.



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2 Responses to OFF THE BENCH

  1. Deb Rosander says:

    Thanks for the thoughts!


  2. Julie says:

    Your blog sounds like many of us feel right now. Walking, but going nowhere. Every summer I hit this point in my Spiritual life. I don’t know if it is the lack of structured programs at church during the summer, a different routine, or just summer brain drain. I have to be more intentional about how I spend my time and my thoughts. When school starts and families are back to a routine it seems everyone is refreshed and ready to kick it in gear, whether mentally, physically or Spiritually. I’m ready to kick it in gear again, so I think I will follow your lead and get off the bench. Thanks for your thoughts and giving me inspiration for my daily walk.


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