Some days the toughest part seems to be just getting “off the bench”. I spent much of today trying to talk myself out of a workout. I played the conservative card, “Take is easy, take a day off”. I played the Pharisee card, “Take a sabbath!” I even played the spectator card, “Spend the day watching the Olympics and soak up the motivation.”

It was 7:00 at night, and I got off the bench, and headed to the track. Driving to the track seemed a bit surreal, it felt a little like giving the Christians a Limo ride to the Coliseum. “I’m going to die!”  Going to the track is intimidating. It’s like your declaring yourself. When you are out on the road people can surmise  your just out for a walk. Showing up at the track says, “I’m training!” and at the track your seldom alone. There were people walking, people jogging, people running, people running up and down the stadium bleachers and there was me.

I walked the first 1.5 miles in lane #8 and then starting jogging the curves of the track and walking the straightaways. And then it happened I started dreaming. Everything in me wanted to go run up and down the bleachers. Now, I’ve been walking / jogging for 4 days. I have no business on the bleachers. I can’t  jog a lap right now, I have no business dreaming bleachers, but trust me it took a lot of self control to stay away from them.

While I was finishing up my 3 mile workout, I asked God for a bleacher dream. Papa, give me a vision, a dream, a spiritual challenge that is just as impossible as running bleachers right now.

There is an Olympic commercial with a swimmer looking like he’s swimming to England and ends with this tagline. “Rethink the possible.”

As a follower of Jesus I say; “Rethink the impossible!” What would God have me accomplish that I can’t possibly accomplish without him?

As I was leaving the track I was reminded of something we heard in Sunday School today, “God has to do a work in you, before He can do a work through you.”

I love training with Jesus


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