’13 RBY – Today’s Scripture: 1 Samuel 13 / 1 Chronicles 2,3 / Mark 11

As I continue reading through the Bible in a year, just like in times past, some days the readings leave me with more questions than answers. I read [listened] to 1 Chronicles 2,3 and just wondered again, why is it even in the Bible, although I have to admit when I read the list of the number of children David had I was kind of taken aback. With all the wars he fought and Psalms he wrote, where is the world did he find the time? I read 1 Samuel 13, now I have never been a fan of King Saul, but I was left again wondering, why did God pick him at all? Then I turned to the Mark 11 and well reading – once again, that whole “fig tree” episode, I still don’t understand that  one?

Believing Faith

But then I came to Mark 11:22 [NLT] Then Jesus said to the disciples, “Have faith in God.”

Now to be real honest I don’t think we complete understand that statement either. I mean it’s real easy to say you “have faith in God”, expect if you are anything like me, you don’t always act like you “have faith in God.”

Sometimes what excites me the most is what the Bible doesn’t say. It doesn’t say if you dress a certain way, act a certain way, memorize certain verses, act all holier than thou – and then we’d be able to move a mountain, have a prayer answered. It simply said “believe”!  – You see; believing faith doesn’t need all the answers to all of the questions, it just believes!


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  1. Mark kemei says:

    The massages have been of great blessing to me, reading through the Bible with you as change my life .


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