’13 RBY – READ the BIBLE in a YEAR Day # 23 Today’s Scripture: 1 Samuel 23 / Ps. 7 & 54

when faith fights

1 Samuel 23:16 [NLT] Jonathan went to find David and encouraged him to stay strong in his faith in God.

We’ve all had our battles, more often than not the weapon of choice – WORDS: angry words, belittling words, coarse words, loud words, ugly words, or just your garden variety mean words.  Words have shot out of my mouth that I wanted back the second they came out but they travel to fast to catch. I’ve been hit my words that I don’t believe were really meant for me and I’ve been hit my words that absolutely were meant for me.

We’ve all had our fights, not with guns or swords or knifes, but with attitudes, and actions, and awful feelings. Misunderstandings that blow up like a bomb and although no one dies – relationships end, trust is gone, and hurt lingers like the smell of napalm that just won’t go away.

And somehow, somewhere in the midst of it all, God sends an encourager; a friend, a family member, a fellow follower – someone to walk with you and talk with you – especially when we are feeling like no one is listening. Someone like Jonathan to remind us to “KEEP THE FAITH” – To remind us of God’s GRACE.

GRACE-  It’s fragrance can take away feelings of hurt.  It’s tenderness can restore trust. It’s rhetoric can rebuilt relationships. It’s magic can end misunderstandings.

GRACE HAPPENS, it’s shared and it’s received. Some days God allows me to be Jonathan and encourage others, some days He allows me to be David and receive encouragement. GRACE ABOUNDS – that’s encouraging!



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