’13 READ the BIBLE in a YEAR
Today’s Scripture Reading: 2 Samuel 13 / Psalms 131 & 133

Forgiving Faith

When I read 1 Samuel 13:37 “And David mourned many days for his son Amnon…” I said to myself, “Seriously!” After reading the story of Ammon raping his half sister Tamar, I found it hard to believe that David mourned the loss.

Then the Holy Spirit reminded me that sin is sin, and that David’s mourning was not condoning Ammon sin, it was just expressing his love for a loved one.

What Ammon had done was wrong. But for us to quit loving those that have wronged us. That sin is on us, not them.

I need a Forgiving Faith, a faith that loves beyond sin, beyond hurt, beyond injustice.


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