2013 READ the Bible in a YEAR Today’s Reading: 1 Kings 1 / 1 Chronicles 28


Words that can bring Terror! “Some Assembly Required” I get all the different part s out and put them in some kind of order. Look at the “instruction manual” and realize that if I read the manual the assembly is going to “take forever”. So like any warm-blooded male, I just start putting it together.

Sometimes I have to start over, or do some modifications, and once in a while there are parts left over, but I’m never sure why they were in the box in the first place. Most things turn out “all right” seldom do things turn out perfect.

I was reading 1 Chronicles 28 today, and David left some instructions for his son, Solomon. He left some instructions for me to.

A] learn to know God intimately.

B] Worship Him
C] Serve Him

Do it with a my whole heart and a willing mind. Not because I have to but because I want to.

Small print at the bottom. [ There is always small print]

1 Chronicles 28:9d,e “… If you seek him, you will find him. But if you forsake him; he will reject you forever.”

SEEK HIM – follow the instructions, it will take forever.


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