2013 READ the BIBLE in a YEAR     Today’s Readings: 1 Kings 3 / 2 Chronicles 1

Worship Him

Sharing my reflections about the Scriptures I’m reading each day, I’m discovering is sharing a whole lot more. Like just how absent minded I can be. Oh well, what you read is what you get.

Yesterday I was playing catch up, bet no one else has ever gotten behind on a Bible Reading program. Well apparently I just kept on going and read into today’s scheduled reading and once again I’ve already wrote about what I’ve already read. Anyone as confused as I am.

I get back from the gym this morning and read, 1 Kings 3  and 2 Chronicles 1 and I’m thinking to myself, “I just read this story yesterday, how many times is God going to tell it.” Well, after I finish reading it I go back and look at yesterday’s reading: 1 Kings 2 and 1 Chronicles 29. And low and behold, the story is nowhere to be found. Then I realize that I just keep on reading yesterday and actually read 2 Chronicles 1 and wrote about.

So now that you know how dumb I can be, let me show you something God showed me, several times NOW!

Whether you read, 1 Kings 3  or 2 Chronicles 1, notice what happens before the BIG ASK! Before God comes to Solomon and says: Ask me for whatever you want.

What happens before the BIG ASK, is Solomon worships God.

Now I wouldn’t guess that every time we worship God, God is going to ask us something.

But I’m thinking it’s probably a pretty good idea to worship God before we ask Him something.


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