2013 READ the BIBLE in a YEAR / 2 Kings 17 / 2 Chronicles 27 / 1 John 4 / Psalm 145

Intentional faith

I hadn’t gotten two verses into the reading today and my mind started to wander. 2 Kings 17:2 [NLT] He did what was evil in the Lord’s sight, but not to the same extent as the kings of Israel who ruled before him. When my mind started wandering who “He” is, really didn’t matter. What got me was that I don’t want to be that guy. The guy that didn’t sin quite as much as the next guy. What and awful way to be remember, evildoer, just not as bad as some one else you can name.

Verse 13  …again and again the LORD had sent his prophets to warn both Israel and Judah; “Turn from all your evil ways. Obey…”

Verse 14 But they wouldn’t listen, they were stubborn, did they really believe in God?

Sin management, it’s more than a heart issue, it’s a faith issue.

If I intentional sin, how intentional is my faith?


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