2013 READ the BIBLE in a YEAR – Today’s Reading: Ezra 10 / Revelation 9

Faith in action

Ezra 10 – will blow you away – read it for yourself to get the context. But bottom line, it ends with faith in action. Faith acted out in a pretty unbelievable way. Here’s Joe’s Reader’s Digest Version [some of you have know idea what I’m talking about now].

The Israelites were told when they went into the land that God had promised them not to marry the locals. Guess what – they did and in the end start going to mama’s church instead of their own and ignoring their God, the only true God!

Note to self: You don’t want to get into a shouting match with the God of the universe, you loose and they did. So to get back into God’s good graces they decide to get rid of their non-kosher wives and stick to kosher only! Not only did they get rid of these women, they also gave up any children that they had with these women.

Now, I’m reading this and going thinking there has to be a better way. Is that fair to the children? Why not make the wives convert to Judaism?

Bottom line, whether it was a good plan or a bad plan at least it was a plan. I tend to sin against God and live like it’s no big deal. Play the grace card and get back to life.

Right or wrong, good plan or bad plan, – no plan is worst. What’s God asking me to give up?





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