2013 READ the BIBLE in a YEAR / Today’s Readings: Nehemiah 7 & 8 / Revelation 13

Numbered Faith

Nehemiah 7 reads like the book of Numbers and other Scripture verses that have lists of names I can’t pronoun and numbers of descendants that mean nothing to me.

I prayed before I started reading tonight and the prayer went something like this, “Lord, it’s late and I don’t want to read the Bible just to get the check on my spiritual to-do list, or the golden star on my list of spiritual disciplines. So if I’m going to take the time to read the Bible, I’m praying the Bible will speak to me. Show me what you’d have me learn tonight.”

And I flip to Nehemiah 7 and see the list before I start reading it and I’m telling myself, “There’s nothing here, and I’m headed to the book of  Revelation when I make it through the list and that book is way above my pay grade. Why bother reading tonight? But the “pastor” in me reads on. And when I’m done reading, I ask, “What?” “What was I suppose to get out of that?”

The Holy Spirit speaks to my heart and whispers, “The numbers and the names, they aren’t about you and so you are quickly bored. The numbers, the names, they are about God. They are God’s people. They are listed for His glory, His honor. I remnant that will deliver a Redeemer. And the question, the lesson: Are you going to be numbered among them? Because if the Bible is more about what you can get out of it, than it is about what God has put into it – maybe it’s time to read it again, with a different heart.”

A numbered faith, is an awareness of our place. Among the remnant.


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