2013 READ the BIBLE in a YEAR / Today’s Reading: Hosea 7-10

Questioning Faith2

At first glance when you read through Hosea you get this question in the back of your mind that you are a little scared to bring to the front. But God knows the question is there so you might as well ask it. “Is this the same God that I read about in the New Testament?” Where’s the grace, the compassion, the mercy?

Let me make an observation, when we read Hosea God is surely letting them know He is going to let them “have it” and “have it” looks a little different to the different people that He is talking to. But heres the thing we don’t want to miss. God is telling them what is going to happen. His grace, and mercy and compassion comes in the warning. They still have choice, it could end different, but will it?
What is God speaking to you about today? Are you listening? Will you receive a word from God today? Who you going to trust, God or yourself?

Experiencing this grace, and compassion, and mercy, requires submission to His will, His way, and His Word.

Don’t ever be afraid to ask your questions. Always be prepare to respond to the answers.


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