RBY’13 – READ the BIBLE in a YEAR: Today’s Readings: Isaiah 4,5 / Proverbs 24,25

Honest faith

For some time now Paul Young, the author of THE SHACK, and now CROSSROADS [great reads] has been tweeting phrases you will never hear God say. i.e. “oophs!”

Today while reading the Bible I began to think about all the Bible verses that don’t get memorizes or meditated on. There are lots of verses in the Bible we don’t want to “own” if you know what I mean.

Here is the verse spinning around in my head today: Proverbs 24:26 [NLT] An honest answer is like a kiss of friendship.

I’ve had a time or two when my “honest answer” cost me a friendship or two. I think the reason was because I can be pretty bad at articulating my point of view, or some of my thoughts from time to time.

I just wish we’d give each other more “GRACE” perhaps we could “kiss” more.

Just saying…


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