REFLECTIONS – What prayers are we praying


Prayers1I won’t be the one asking once we get to heaven but you can bet I’ll be one of the ones on the sidelines dying to hear the answer to the question I ask myself each year as I read through the Bible. “Why did God include all these genealogies in the Bible?” and…

Not sure where I stand in the running for “more honorable than his brothers” praying it’s a real close race. and…

Not sure I really want to pray Jabez’s prayer… sure who doesn’t want to be blessed and who hasn’t dreamed of expanded territories [think … what would you do if you won the lotto – no we don’t have those thoughts do we?] …

sure who wouldn’t or hasn’t prayed, “Please be with me in all that I do?” …

but “keep me from all trouble and pain” although I wouldn’t wish trouble and pain on anyone… Truth is trouble and pain has drawn me closer to Jesus than unsolicited blessings.
I’m just suggesting I guess – be carefully what you pray for.

Because the verse ending with… “And God granted him his request.”

-at the end of the day with more questions than answers my prayer. “Thy will be done”


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