May 4th Morning Prayer


This morning I “caught up” on my “daily” Bible reading. Hummmmm…

One of the Psalms that I read was Psalm 78 and I was reminded of how often my spiritual journey looks much like the Israelite’s faithlessness.

Lord teach me to learn from your word.
Lord when the psalmist says to “listen to my instructions, [Holy Spirit] “open my ears to…” what the psalmist is saying.

Holy Spirit help me to never forget His glorious miracles and enable me to obey His commands. Keep me from being stubborn, rebellious and unfaithful. Take my heart and make it yours.

How many times have I stubbornly tested God in my heart by placing demands before His throne … “if You’ll; then I’ll…”  Who am I to put conditions on his commands.

vv. 22 for they did not believe God or trust him to care for them.  How much do I truly trust?  Please O Lord, teach me to trust You all the more!

vv. 32b Despite His wonders, they refused to trust Him. Holy Spirit change my heart, guard my heart, grow my heart, touch my heart, heal my heart, cleanse my heart, renew my heart, let my heartbeat remind me, that You are the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

vv. 34,35 When God began killing them, they finally sought Him. They repented and took God seriously. 35 Then they remembered that God was their rock, that God Most High was their redeemer.  – O Lord, there is much in me that needs to DIE! Holy Spirit help me repent, I can’t seem to “turn” on my own. Teach me what it means to daily, “take GOD SERIOUSLY”. Lord Jesus, You are my redeemer, this day may my life reflect the glory due You.

Keep me from testing You.
Keep me from disobedience.
Keep me from turning my back on you
Keep me from worshiping other idols
Keep me from wandering
Keep me from …

May the last verse of Psalm 78 be fulfilled in my life today.
v. 72: He cared for then with a true heart and led them with skillful hands.
May I be an instrument  of Your love for Your glory.


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