Questions from “Forgotten God: reversing our tragic neglect of the Holy Spirit” – Francis Chan

Forgotten GodFrom the Introduction:

* Have I experienced the Holy Spirit’s presence or action in my life over the past year?
* Am I a self-sacrificing servant attuned to the Holy Spirit?
* Is there a big gap between what we read in Scripture about the Holy Spirit and how I choose to do life?
* Do I ignore the Holy Spirit?
* Do I operate on my own strength and only accomplish human-size results?
* Is there any supernatural evidence that I live life in the power of the Holy Spirit?
* Is the Holy Spirit all but missing in our church?
* Am I desperate for the Holy Spirit?
* Am I humbled before Him?
* Do I look any different than the world that I live in?
* Do I see the Holy Spirit as absolutely vital?
* Am I all I was made to be?
* Is the work and presence of the Spirit of God evident in my life?
* Is there a discrepancy between what I know and how I live?
* Can I celebrate what the Holy Spirit is doing rather than what He did?
* Do I tap into the strength and wisdom available to me from the Holy Spirit?
* What are the promise of the Holy Spirit? Can I name them? Do I claim them?
* Do I experience the Holy Spirit at work?
* Have I invited God to permeate everything and every part of my life?
* Does every encounter with God cause me to thirst for Him more?
* Do I seek to discover God’s character?
* Do I ache to experience more of God’s love?
* Do I pray for His power to be used for His purposes through my life?
* Am I holding back from giving myself to God?
* Am I wholly surrendered to the Holy Spirit ?
* Am I dependent upon the Holy Spirit?
* Is God’s presence and power visible in my life and life of my church?
* Am I content to live the remainder of my life where I am right now?
* Do I desire to experience more of the Holy Spirit?
* Do I want to be a different person that the person I am right now?

answering the questions on paper makes this a diary, not answering them makes the questions a waste of time, perhaps a waste of life.


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