pleasure-of-his-presence_wide_t_nvPsalm 16:1-6 [NLT]
1 Keep me safe, O God, for I have come to you for refuge.
2 I said to the Lord, “You are my Master! Every good thing I have comes from you.”
3 The godly people in the land are my true heroes! I take pleasure in them!
4 Troubles multiply for those who chase after other gods. I will not take part in their sacrifices of blood or even speak the names of their gods.
5 Lord, you alone are my inheritance, my cup of blessing. You guard all that is mine.
6 The land you have given me is a pleasant land. What a wonderful inheritance!

O God,
The very words are a plea and a proclamation “O God” the very words are a prayer. The psalmist reminds me this morning before I even start my day that every good thing I have comes from the Lord. With that thought in mind I rejoice and I repent. I start to count my many blessings and give thanks but as I count them I repent that I seldom give them thought. Forgive me Father for how often I take you for granted and the many blessings you give me. Your presence, #Immanuel should be enough to sustain me each and every day, that is the cup of blessing the psalmist is referring to. O God, may this mantra, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!” Lead me away from wants to simply following in all Your ways.

From Songs of Jesus:
IDOLS THAT DESERT. We may not believe in literal divine god-beings of beauty, wealth, pleasure, or fertility. But we must all live for something, and if we live for and love any thing more than God himself, we are trapped. They become things we have to have, so we “run,” exhausted, after them. But this leads to increasing suffering (verse 4), for life inevitably takes them from us. Instead we must make God our portion (our real wealth), our cup (our real pleasure), our ultimate good.

Prayer: Lord, I want the gifts of your hand more than the glory of your face. I can root my happiness in amusements, music, food, or nice weather. But let suffering enter the picture, and they show themselves as the tawdry baubles that they are. Without your constant presence and favor, no thing is a “good thing.” So I receive them with thanks, but I rest my heart and hope in you. Amen.


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